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We know Oliver Sin for a long time now, but we first met when he was very young (about 14 years old). We met him as a guitarist, and we made a setup on his guitars then. As time passed he became a very good guitarist and a fantastic painter.

His art is “Contemporary” as they say, but it’s always more than that. He has something unusual for his paintings, and he always knows how to get attraction for them. His approach from the field of science is something new too.

Anyways, we met him regularly lately and something started to evolve, some new project. A collaboration of both of our arts. Something we can bring to a picture exhibition, and hang on the wall among paintings. Something we can bring to a concert-venue too. We decided to make an instrument with him (or more precisely: for him to paint), an instrument that’s a reference for one of his paintings. He choose the “Universe” theme to work with, and the child was born.

So here you can see where pure artistic minds can lead. The fields of arts.

Oliver Sin Collaboration


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